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We now have Fabulous Fibre Bitters-Organic- Pure Product in Vegetable capsules, no preservatives, no additives, nothing but pure Aloe Ferox Whole Leaf and Bitters

 The genus "Aloe" - derived from the Greek word for the dried juice of aloe leaves. Ferox -"fierce" or  "war-like" referring to the spiny edged leaves.

 Plant family: Liliaceae  Common names: Bitter Aloe, Red Aloe and Tap Aloe 

 What Is Aloe Ferox?

 Aloe Ferox  is a plant indigenous to one province in South Africa, and nowhere else on earth! There are over 100 species of aloe in South Africa,

 but Aloe Ferox is the one that had been used by the indigenous people long before the arrival of Europeans to what is now the Cape Province. 

 Unlike most aloe vera products, aloe ferox  never has to be filtered and thus retain all the natural present active ingredients.

 Aloe ferox is neither irrigated nor treated with pesticides or insecticides. This plant is so strong that it survival is sustained through  the strengh of its own immune system.

 The bitter aloe is most famous for its medicinal qualities. The hard, black, resinous product is known as Cape aloes or aloe lump and is used mainly for its laxative properties but is also  taken for arthritis.

The gel-like flesh from the inside of the leaves is used in  cosmetic products and is reported to have wound healing properties. 

        Why Should I buy Aloe ferox?

  • Aloe ferox - is a pure and natural healer
  • Aloe ferox - is herbal

  • Aloe ferox - is non-toxic and has no undesirable side effects

  • Aloe ferox - is renown for it's cleansing properties

  • Aloe ferox - is a natural detoxing agent

  • Aloe ferox - has more vitamins, minerals, amino acids and polysaccharides than aloe vera
  • Aloe ferox- is traditionally use to stimulate cell renewal

  • Aloe ferox - is better naturally

  Proteins are made of smaller units called amino acids, which are the building material of the body.
 They are vital for growth and repair of the body. The are used to make hormones, enzymes, antibodies, neurotransmitters and help transport
 substances around the body.  



 The human body was designed with all the mechanisms to heal itself.  
 Aloe ferox and many other herbs enhance the body's own mechanisms for healing!

                                       Herbs or Medication?

 Herbs prove themselves to be close therapeutic competitors of  medication and are almost always safer, gentler and less 
 likely to cause side effects. Causalities and fatalities researched from literature, government reports and expert  
databases indicate that approximately zero (0.000%) cases are due to the use of complementary health products,

 whereas 5.176% are due to properly prescribed and used drugs. 
 It seems that herbs may even be safer than food, because 0.24%
 deaths are the result of food eaten!!

                                      Herbs and Medication?

 Many herbs enhance the effect of a drug when using it simultaneously, 
 while some may counteract the effect.  Consult your doctor (preferably  
 a herbal enlightened doctor) when you want to use herbs along with 
 prescribed drugs. It is possible that your dependence on the pharmaceutical may decrease.  

 You might be able to wean yourself off the drug entirely or get by with smaller dosages. 

 Adjustments to medication should be done under supervision of a doctor.
 All medication has harmful side effects.  When medication is used in 
 conjunction with herbs, they may help to counteract the side

        Aloe bitter sap is not suited for:

     Pregnant women as it can stimulate the uterus. Nursing mothers as it can pass through breast milk

    resulting in colicky babies. Persons with intestinal irritation.

                                          How to use Herbs

Follow the directions on the label.  Start on a low dose and gradually 
build up to establish the correct dose for your body.  Everyone is different physiologically.  
Some people will be able to take larger dosages than others and for 
some people it will take longer to note a beneficial effect.  Different individuals take from it what and how much they need.
Drink lots of water. Give herbs enough time to work - at least 3 months.  

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 Disclaimer:  Please note that our statements about the healing properties of aloe ferox are not evaluated by the Food and Drug  Administration.

 These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any  disease.

  For your best health, in the case of recurring and long-term illness, you should consult your doctor.

 You should also consult your doctor before using herbal remedies if you have an existing health condition,

 are pregnant or are planning to have a baby.

 No studies have been concluded on internal use of aloe in children. 


ADA-001 Adam 60 capsules - $25.00
Adam helps maintain normal hormonal levels, supports the nervous system and promotes circulation. ADAM contributes to healthy male sexuality and healthy prostate.

ALO-002 Aloe/Rooibos Tea - $7.00
Rooibos is renown for it's high anti-oxidant values, is low in tannin and rich in minerals and vitamin C.

BAL-002 Circulate-It 90 caps - $24.00
Aloe Ferox Balance-It contain plant chemicals that benefit proper circulation, benefits lazy lymphatic system, is good for regular bowel movement and benefit the the well-being of the thyroid & liver

BIT-001 Bitter Crystal 20g - $8.00
Aloe ferox bitters is traditionally use for the beneficial effects it has on symptoms of constipation, eczema, pain due to arthritis and high blood pressure.

BOD-002 Body Basics 60 capsules - $30.00
BODY BASICS contains aloe ferox and 25 other vitamins and minerals. Use regulary to restore nutrient deficiencies. Helps maintain metabolic balance and bodily functions.

EVA-001 Eva 60 caps - $24.00
Aloe Ferox Eva has beneficial effects on typical female complaints associated with menstration, menopause, emotional balances, romance and reproduction.

FAB-001 Fabulous Fibre Regular 90 tab - $25.00
Fabulous Fiber tablets consist of bitter-free, dried, powdered whole leaves of the Aloe Ferox.

FAB-002 Fabulous Fibre Bitter (Organic) 90caps - $25.00
Aloe ferox capsules contain dried bitter sap and powdered whole aloe leaf. Aloe ferox is used for its beneficial effect on constipaton, arthritis, and high blood pressure.

FAB-002 Fabulous Fibre Bitter 90 tablets - $25.00
Aloe ferox tablets contain dried bitter sap and powdered whole aloe leaf. Aloe ferox is used for its beneficial effect on constipaton, arthritis, and high blood pressure.

GET-001 Get-a-Grip 60 caps - $24.00
These herbs contain plant chemicals that can help influence the serotonin levels in the brain favorably, can help to favorably iinfluence emotional calm, and are friendly to your nerves.

JOI-001 Joint Support 60 capsules - $24.00
Supplement your diet with the essential components as provided in Joint Support for the maintenance of cartilage. Omega 3 works in combination with Joint Support for the prevention of inflammation.

LOO-001 Outlook - $27.00
Outlook contains herbs that are beneficial for proper circulation and have a beneficial effect on cell rejuvenation.

OME-001 Omega 3 50 capsules - $24.00
Omega 3 is beneficial for the well-being of the heart and arteries, the immune system, the skin and can also help to support fat burning.

SUP-001 Super Aloe Gel 50ml - $15.00
A skin care routine without Aloe Ferox Super Aloe Gel is incomplete. It's natural anti-inflammatory, promotes skin regeneration, reduces the forming of wrinkles.

VAL-001 Val-U-Life 90 capsules - $30.00
VAL-U-LIFE capsules help maintain the quality of life of sufferers from wasting syndrome diseases such as cancer, AIDS, tuberculosis and anorexia.

WHO-002X01 Whole Leaf Aloe Juice (Concentrate) 500ml - $17.00
Whole Leaf Juice is a wholesome juice that may have a beneficial effect on the functioning of immune and digestive system and aids the natural self-cleansing action of the body.

WHO-005 Whole Leaf Gel 150ml - $30.00
Whole-leaf Aloe Ferox Gel is made up of a combination of aloe ferox and various herbs and oils that are known for their positive effect on various skin conditions.