DETOXING ! What is it?

Detoxification describes a process your body goes through to get rid of toxins. In doing this a variety of symptoms may occur when you change your diet, stop eating chocolate and drinking coffee or join the millions who are colon cleansing for better health and a longer life.

During detoxification you can have headaches, stomachache, coughing, diarrhea, skin eruptions, clogged sinuses, feel rundown and be irritable. These symptoms can be mistaken for illness. You might ask if this is supposed to make me feel healthier, why am I feeling worse instead of better?

Understanding this problem can be likened to the following analogy. Say for instance that you don’t get regular exercise, then you go out a play ball for a couple of hours, the next day you may feel bad, tired and sore all over. The same thing happens when you change your lifestyle, diet, stop smoking – your body reacts to change.

Okay, so you stop bad habits, start eating better and add supplements to clean your system. When you make this dietary or lifestyle change your cells begin eliminating the toxic substances you’ve collected over the years. They are released into the bloodstream and this is when the symptoms mentioned earlier start to appear. You can liken it to a drug addict coming off drugs – it’s a form of withdrawal. As the absence of toxins occurs you may find that sugar and caffeine can really set you system running at 120%.

The time span for these detox symptoms varies from person to person. You may feel bad for a short while and then start feeling great and then for what seems no apparent reason you can feel off again. Once your body senses the ongoing improvement it finds more toxins to eliminate by going deeper. This may happen a few times, but each time the feeling better lengthens and the feeling bad becomes shorter.

The hardest thing for you to accept is that you are not sick, but on the road to good health. It’s a time to rest and let your body work itself clean. Rest, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, poultry and fish, try to eat red meat only once or twice a week, if at all. Cut out the coffee and tea and substitute it with a herbal tea and above all drink lots of water.

It may take a month, it may take several months, no two people will react the same to detoxing. Once you are through it you will relish the sense of well-being that takes over. Here are some of the things people have said after detoxing, my skin improved, my energy level rose and my brain activity and concentration improved.

Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step towards becoming a healthier you. To assist you on the road to better health the following Aloe Ferox products are effective and relatively inexpensive.

Aloe Ferox – Bitter Crystals or Aloe Ferox – Fabulous Fiber Bitter

The bitter crystals are an inexpensive way of cleaning out your system, but it requires you to be careful with the amounts you ingest. A match head size crystal taken initially with your evening meal is recommended. Ascertain how your body responds and adjust your intake accordingly – a little at a time.

The Fabulous Fiber Bitter tablets serve the same purpose as the Crystals with the added benefit of containing powdered whole aloe leaf providing valuable nutrients and fiber and being in pre-measured doses is easy to handle.

Both support detoxification and disinfection, help maintain regular bowel movements, which are critical to regaining your health.

Aloe Tea – increasing your fluid intake is a must and what better way than with a wholesome cup of Aloe Tea. It contains no caffeine and is rich in amino acids, minerals and other plant chemicals. It’s delicious with a twist of lemon or orange juice. Regular teas are diuretics and wash valuable nutrients out of your system. Aloe Tea puts nutrients into your system.

Whole-leaf Aloe Juice There's not enough that can be said about this juice it is simply amazing. Probably because it contains more than 130 medicinal agents that are naturally present in the Aloe ferox leaf it can have a powerful effect on your system. It is rich in fiber, it helps boost the immune system and contains many nutrients and minerals that processing has eliminated from our daily food intake. Because it is cool processing the properties remain constant and none of the nutrient value is lost in processing. Your immune system will benefit.

Body Basics is a multi-nutrient supplement containing Aloe ferox and 25 other vitamins and minerals. If your diet contains a large proportion of refined foods then you need to be on this supplement. It gives you back what modern processing and poor growing methods have eliminated from the food we eat. Don't be surprised if you are full of vim, vigor and vitality.

Please note:

Do not use Aloe ferox Bitters in cases of intestinal blockage, acute inflamed intestinal disease (e.g. Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colon inflammation), appendicitis, abdominal pain of unknown origin, pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Aloe ferox tea has no restrictions you can drink it as frequently as you want.

Bitter Crystals - Take with meals 50mg with meals. 50mg is about the size of a match head. The dosage can be adjusted to suit your bodily reaction to it. Just remember that too much of a good thing can lead to trouble - in this case dehydration.

Fabulous Fiber Bitter – Starting slowly and working up to the maximum dosage,  is much easier on your system. It's best to start the detox program on a Friday after work. Start with ½ a tablet for 2 to 3 days and work up to the prescribed dosage on the container.

Whole-leaf Aloe Juice - You can’t take too much. Really it is an amazing stuff. Follow the instructions on the bottle, but if you have a problem like allergies gradually increase the dosage. It's traditionally use to stimulate cell renewal, healing of wounds, it detoxifies, it’s an anti-inflammatory, kills bacteria and fungi to name but a few of its effects. Take a tablespoon full before meals and increase if need be. However, there is no restriction on the amount you can ingest on a daily basis.

We’d like to hear from you what these products accomplish for you. Please send us your comments.